Yusuke Morita

Seasoned fullstack web developer with a critical eye for elegant software architecture and user-friendly UI/UX design. Proven track record of designing, building, and delivering software products.

Work Experience

LiquidFrameworks 2013 to Present

Principal Developer

  • FX E-Ticketing
    • Core developer on flagship product
    • Touch optimized design for mobile devices
    • Offline capable using service worker/appcache and IndexedDB
  • FX Shift Scheduler
    • Designed and developed product
    • Drag and drop resource scheduler with on-the-fly compliance checking for complex industry regulations
    • Time slicing and pivoting to provide at-a-glance resource views
    • Full preview before publishing complex schedule changes
  • FX Schedule and Dispatch
    • Designed and developed product
    • Data-dense user interface for scheduling and mapping resources
    • Heavy use of drag and drop interactions
    • User configurable dashboards
  • FX Logs
    • Designed and developed product
    • High performance data-dense log and analytics (~100K records on screen and seamless updates)
    • Optimized data capture for near real-time analysis of product health
    • Custom data visualizations to pre-emptively assess and prioritize potential issues
  • Admin Portal
    • Built shared libraries and login server to seamlessly support both local development and production environment
    • Implemented design system to accelerate development across entire dev team
    • Architected deployment infrastructure for simultaneous testing and deployment of multiple in-progress applications
Datacert 2007 ~ 2013

R & D Principal Developer

  • Expanded flagship product into a full mobile application platform
  • Designed responsive UI and CSS layouts that adapt to various mobile devices
  • Developed department-wide build monitoring tool with web technologies and push notifications

Associate Principal Developer

  • Developed award-winning UI/UX for Passport application platform
  • Speaker for "Experience User-Friendly Systems" webinar in "Meet the Experts" podcast
  • Core framework developer
  • Flexible CSS layout adapts to an unpredictable amount of custom information
  • Designed data binding and packaging system to support dynamic MVC models

Senior Software Developer

  • Core development on flagship product
  • Rapidly prototyped a new product using Boo, ActiveRecord, NHibernate, and ExtJS
  • Created a self documenting, auto generated web based configuration editing tool
  • Developed and optimized UI for several internally used applications
Aegis Mortgage Corporation 2006 ~ 2007

Enterprise Architect

  • Trained all developers in the company on best practices with Team Foundation Server

Development Manager

  • Standard Control and Layout Library / Web Application Framework
    • Designed and built ASP.NET project template and web control library written in C#
    • Developed for rapid prototyping and accelerated development of new applications while automatically maintaining UI standards
    • Visual Studio Installer to easily deploy project template and custom toolbox controls for a rich developer experience
    • Custom build provider to dynamically generate light weight domain objects from database schema
    • Web control library specifically designed to work well with CSS and XHTML standards
    • Standard markup and flexible layouts and interfaces maintained by the control library
    • Provides a rich developer experience within Visual Studio
  • Aegis Lending Corporation Website Redesign
    • Complete structural and visual redesign
    • Analyzed business requirements and managed project through the entire software development lifecycle with a brand new development team
    • Integrated with existing web service to capture leads
    • Designed to be deployed by a third party content management system
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center 2004 ~ 2006

Web Projects Manager

  • Content Management System
    • Worked on migrating university site into a commercial content management system
    • Managed projects for template development, content migration, and user training
    • Collaborated with communications and marketing staff to set proper expectations for both technical and non-technical users before successful launch
  • Scheduling, Tracking, and Reporting System (STARS)
    • Tracking system to log time against projects and work order requests
    • Extensive use of new ASP.NET 2.0 features and controls
    • Detailed reports for managers generated in background threads
    • Ability to request and forward projects and work orders between departments
    • Full set of custom controls to standardize appearance, layout, and behavior throughout the system
    • Mobile device detection for optimized rendering
  • Health.edu Learning Management System - https://www.ttuhsc.edu/health.edu/
    • Complete rewrite of a critical revenue generating Web site
    • Custom base page framework (as opposed to using Master Pages)
    • Web services to allow off-site partners to interface with our application
    • Cross browser compatible with support for older versions of Internet Explorer

Lead Programmer/Analyst

  • Announcements System
    • Highly scalable role and permissions management
    • Intuitive user and administrative interface
    • Flexible message filtering and approval system
    • Convenient message launch and expiration settings
    • Web Service API for customized display of announcements and events
    • XML/XSLT used to marshal and format announcement data
    • Announcements security policy was practically reversed after rollout, but system was flexible enough to accommodate the changes
    • Application was easily adapted later to accommodate press releases
  • Student Portal
    • Based on Java uPortal open source project
    • Complete rewrite of XSLT to generate cleaner code
    • Reduced original XSLT file by 75% which drastically improved performance
    • Redesigned all graphics and converted to CSS based layout
  • Consolidated Search
    • Cross-browser compatible experience using AJAX that degrades gracefully
    • Interfaced with multiple data sources (databases, Web Services, and http page scraping)
    • Multi-threaded server processing for faster search results and single page results

Programmer I

  • University Web Site Redesign
    • Over 250,000 files were organized, planned, and migrated
    • Created a flexible XHTML template enforced by DreamWeaver templates for non-technical users
    • Created an institutional CSS style guide and XHTML reference
    • Produced and provided training and materials for department webmasters
    • Successfully managed the project which extended to full implementations at Texas Tech University and then on to the entire Texas Tech System
    • Flexible XHTML/CSS design allowed the look-and-feel of the sites to be updated a year and a half later with a simple CSS update
  • Leave Request Management System - (Internal Application)
    • Tracks leave requests and approvals and automatically applies business rule validations
    • Extensive logging and auditing capabilities through the use of SQL Server triggers
    • Rich client experience using JavaScript
Ridgeway Systems & Software 2000 ~ 2003

Webmaster and Graphics Designer

  • Troubleshoot IP networks and hardware specifically for voice and video over IP
  • Developed an XML based content management system for press releases
  • Proposed, designed, and developed an internal purchase order tracking system using ASP.NET
    • Streamlined the order fulfillment process
    • Provided sales tracking, reports, and increased productivity
  • Developed a lead tracking system that integrated with a third party CRM
    • Automated distribution of viable leads to sales reps located around the country
    • Made quantitative analysis of ROI on sales efforts possible
  • Created a price quote generator
    • Resulted in quicker quote generation for resellers
    • Maintained a consistent look and feel as well as up-to-date pricing for quotes
  • Designed marketing collateral, trade show booths, and product packaging