About Yusuke Morita

I am a simple guy with simple needs. My primary driving force is to learn something new every day. It could be ANYTHING. If I figure out a better algorithm I’m good. If I learn how to make pasta, that’s good too. If I feel like I’m stagnating, I will teach myself something new - typically a new language (the programming kind usually, but sometimes human).

I am an information whore. I eat 500 page reference books for lunch. I thrive in groups where knowledge is shared. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to code. I'll tinker and tweak for eternity only to rework the whole thing when I discover a better method, all while still getting things done. I am an eternal optimist with occasional pessimistic tendencies.

I am a jack of all trades. So what do I do? I'm always doing something new, but here are a few things I enjoy doing right now.

Web Development

(X)HTML and CSS are my second and third languages. Give me any text editor and I'll go to town with it. Web standards compliance is always a priority, and a handful of lightweight JavaScript libraries makes the recipe complete!

My first plunge into web design was for a student newsletter for the ACM. Come to think of it, that was my first dabble with print design as well, but I digress... Web design is my primary skill for the moment and I'm always up for a challenge.

Graphics Design

I love it. I love the creative process and the infinite possibilities (although only a few may be good). I've been creating digital graphics during summer school even before my first computer almost 20 years ago (anyone remember LOGO?)

My mediums varied greatly from my mother's red lipstick and the living room wall, to pixel art using Microsoft Paint, to pixel art on my graphing calculator. I eventually discovered Adobe Photoshop about 10 years ago and I haven't looked back since. Nowadays, Photoshop is an extension of my creative mind. I can't look at ads anymore without reproducing the whole thing in my head using Photoshop.

Digital mediums are great of course, but most of my creative processes still begin with the humble pencil and a piece of paper. I never leave home without my trusty notepad or my moleskine.


Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing and occasionally creating an elegant piece of code. The drive (obsession?) to make a computer work as efficiently as possible is something I possess and truly appreciate. Refactoring is pretty much a habit. I believe a beautiful piece of code can be just as much a work of art as a beatiful design created in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Language of Choice: C#. I’ve also grown to love VB.NET like an adopted child due to it being the primary language at my day job. I still prefer C-like syntax though (yay curly braces!). Other languages I’m mostly compatible with: XML, XSLT, JavaScript, SQL.

Framework of Choice: ASP.NET. I started web programming using classic ASP and I just stuck with Microsoft technologies ever since. There’s no particular reason why. I’m just comfortable with it and never had a need to switch. Nowadays, the thought of going back to ASP’s procedural code gives me shudders. Object oriented web programming is as sweet as it gets. So why is this site still in plain old HTML? I only have 2 pages, so why bother with the overhead? (Actually, I've been too busy to really work on it).

Platform of Choice: Mac OS X. I officially switched about a year ago and I haven’t booted my Windows machine since. Multitasking on the Mac is so much more intuitive and productive than Windows. However, I’m reaching a point where doing ASP.NET development at home is becoming increasingly unavoidable. Remote Desktop is bearable, but maybe it’s time to finally learn a new framework…

Things I’d like to learn: Cocoa, Ruby, and Rails.


The ever changing art of harnessing light. Digital makes it a little more interesting! I first got into digital photography when Sony released one of the industry’s first consumer digital cameras, the DSC-F1, in 1996. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with this (expensive) medium.

So far I’ve shot weddings, company products, portraits, and formal faculty/staff photos. I’m looking forward to expanding my opportunities in this field. My current setup consists mainly of Canon EOS equipment. You can see some of my photos in my gallery.

What Else?

In my spare time I love to tinker. Sometimes it’s hacking a friend’s XBOX. Sometimes it’s putting a computer in my car (and taking apart my car in the process). It varies. I was an electrical engineer at one point in my life and I like to relive that every once in a while.

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Personal Info

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Yusuke Morita


Houston, Texas


Electronics, reading, cooking, teasing my cat, teasing my wife, sleeping in on weekends

How do I pronounce your name?

It’s simple really. Think of these two words: you, skate. Now say them out loud one after the other. Finally, repeat without enunciating the “t” in “skate” and you’ve got it. Two syllables, accent on the first: Yusuke. (If you're a developer, think of “use case” and skip the last “s” sound.

Anything Else?

Need more details? Here's my resume if you're so inclined.

“We adore chaos because we love to produce order.”
— M. C. Escher —